Monday, April 9, 2018

Laboratory permeability test with two soils in series, Find the Head loss - Solved Example(Soil Mechanics)


With this solved example you will learn how to find the head loss in soil stratas stacked in series(linearly).

In a laboratory, a permeability test is as indicated in the figure below. The cross sectional area of the sand is 200 cm2, and the permeability coefficients of sand I and sand II are 0.2 cm/s and 0.1 cm/s, respectively. The total hydraulic head loss is 30 cm. It is assumed that the seepage velocity in sand I is same as in sand II. Determine the height of the water in the standpipe as shown in figure below.

P.S. Assume that the initial water height in the standpipe is equal to total hydraulic head loss + the hydraulic head loss for Sand I.


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