Saturday, March 31, 2018

List of the Surveying Minor Instruments

There are some instruments used for the rough surveys, they are not used for the precise surveys. These instruments are also known as minor instruments. 

 These are following.
  •  Hand Level:
It is compact instrument used for locating contours, taking cross sections in reconnaissance surveys.

  • Clinometer:
It is a light compact instrument used for measuring vertical angles, finding out slope of the ground and for locating points on a given grade. There are three commonly used forms of clinometers:
 (i) Abney's level
(ii) Tangent Clinometer
 (iii) Ceylon Ghat Tracer

  • Box Sextant: 
It is a reflecting instrument capable of measuring up to 120 degrees with an accuracy of one minute. It is one of the most precise hand instrument.

  • Pantagraph: It is used to reduce or enlarge the given figure.

  • Planimeter: It is used to measure the area of the given figure.

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