Thursday, March 13, 2014

Highway Compaction Equipment

 There are various types of compaction equipment:

  1. Rollers
  2. Rammer
  3. Vibrators
a. Rollers: Rollers are vastly used in the highway construction for compacting the subgrade and other layers. They are again of three types:
Smooth wheeled roller (Image source:Google images)
  1. Smooth wheeled rollers:  These are used for compacting granular soils and specially useful where crushing is required. Smooth wheeled rollers generally vary from 4 to 22 tonnes in their weight. 
b. Pneumatic Tyre rollers: These are used for compacting the silty and sandy soils and not preferred for clayey and granular soils.

    Pneumatic Tyre roller ( Image source: Google images)

 c. Sheep's foot rollers: These rollers are having hollow cylindrical wheels having sheep's foot shaped projections on their surfaces. 

They are suitable for compacting the clayey soils, specifically where needing action is required and along with them smooth wheeled rollers may be used for giving a smooth surfacing to top surface.
2. Rammers: Rammers are used where rollers are not suitable due to the area constraints. They are mechanically operated using the electric energy.

Vibrators are suitable for compaction of the sandy soils and specifically cohesion-less soils. They can also be used along the rollers in their dual combination.

Vibrators (Image source: Google Images)
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