Friday, March 28, 2014

Construction Steps for Cement Concrete Pavement

Concrete pavements are rigid pavements having very high flexural strength as compared to flexible pavements.

 Concrete pavements can be constructed using two different methods:

  1. Alternate Bay method
  2. Continuous bay method
  • In alternate bay method, concrete pavement slab are laid on whole width of pavement in alternate bays.
  • In continuous bay method, concrete pavement slabs are laid continuously only on one bay and another bay is open for the traffic. 
Generally the second method of continuous bay, is preferred over alternate bay method because, traffic movement is allowed while it is restricted in the first. Also, the alternate empty spaces invite the rainwater collection and create inconvenience to the construction work.

Various steps for the construction of concrete pavements:
  1. Preparation of Sub-grade and Sub-base
  2. Placing of forms
  3. Batching of material and Mixing
  4. Transporting and Placing of Concrete
  5. Compaction and Finishing
  6. Floating and Straight Edging
  7. Belting, Brooming and Edging
  8. Curing of Cement concrete

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