Tuesday, December 24, 2013

One Liners/MCQs- Transportation Engineering.- part 3


Here are few MCQs which might help you with Transportation Engineering.
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1. The camber preferred in concrete roads is

(a) Parabolic Camber
(b) Straight Camber
(c) Combination of parabolic and straight camber
(d) Cubic

Ans: (b) Straight

2. The shoulders are preferred to be

(a) Paved
(b) Rough
(c) Smooth

Ans: (b)

3. To avoid overturning and lateral skidding, the centrifugal ratio and lateral friction must be 
(a) Equal to b/2h
(b) More than b/2h
(c) Less than b/2h
(d) 0
  where b is the wheel base and h is the height of the center of gravity.
Ans: (c)

4. When the longitudinal distance covered is more than the wheel circumferential distance, this phenomenon is called:
(a) Sliding
(b) Skidding
(c) Overturning
(d) Decelerating
Ans: (b)

5. Nagpur road plan was based on 

(a) Star/Radial Road Pattern
(b) Rectangular road pattern
(c) Star/Radial and rectangular road pattern
(d) Star and Grid Pattern

Ans: (d)

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