Monday, September 9, 2013

Part -2-GATE preparation - Transportation Engg. - One liners

5. What is the value of intermediate sight distance for a highway with a design speed of 65 kmph? Assuming the data for co-efficient of friction f = 0.36 and for reaction time t = 2.5 sec.
Ans: 182.8 m

6. The speed of overtaking and overtaken vehicles are 70 and 40 kmph respectively on a two way traffic road. If acceleration of overtaking vehicle is 0.99 respectively, then safe overtaking sight distance, assuming reaction time of 2 sec, will be  278 m.

7. What is the minimum length of overtaking zone for a design speed of 96 kmph assuming acceleration as 0.69 m/sec^2, reaction time as 2 sec and traffic as one way?   Ans: 1026 m  OSD = 3(d1+d2)

8. The radius of horizontal circular curve is 100 m. If design speed is 50 kmph and design co-efficient of lateral friction is 0.15, then super elevation required if full lateral friction is assumed to develop will be 0.047

9. What is the co-efficient of friction needed if no super elevation is provided for a horizontal circular curve of radius 190 m and design speed of 65 kmph?   Ans: 0.177

10. Ruling minimum radius of horizontal curve of a national highway in plain terrain for a ruling design speed of 100 kmph with e = 0.07 and f = 0.15, is close to  360 m.

11. Design rate of super-elevation for horizontal highway curve of radius 450 m for a mixed traffic condition, having a speed of 125 km/hour, is 0.07

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