Monday, July 29, 2013

Intelligent Transportation System(ITS)

Intelligent Transportation Engineering(ITS) is a system which uses the new innovations and technology to control and regulate the traffic. This system is also used to provide the users the required information.
The new technologies like, Automatic Traffic signals, CCTV, wireless communication devices in the hands of the traffic police, digital methods to calculate the traffic  volume etc. are the technologies which come under ITS.
Transportation users are kept informed of the various transportation services as per their requirements. Suppose you have reserved your seat in a bus, and you are waiting at the bus station for the bus. If due to some reason the bus is late, you will get the information about the bus being late so you can plan your time accordingly. All the updated information about the arriving and departures of the buses can be displayed with the electronic devices so one is always informed about all the schedule.
The traffic volume can be calculated using the GPS techniques, or some other sensing technique in which each vehicle is sensed with an unique identification number.  The floating car method is best method to calculate the amount of traffic.
Traffic control is now much easier, because their are various new useful technologies available in this sector. Their are speed sensors, which can detect if you are over speeding on the highways. In some countries they have developed a technique to avoid the collision. Their is this indicator, which will warn you if their is any other vehicle coming at speed from the another side. Their are dynamic speed limit indicators. 

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