Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tips for Preparation for GATE (M. Tech & PSUs)examination.(Inspirational)

I hope you are ready for it.

If you clicked on this link, that means you are someone, who is appearing for the GATE 2014, and you are planning to crack the GATE with the 99 percentile, so that you can get the entrance to the M.Tech. courses in the IITs or the entrance to the top PSU companies.
The bad news is that it is not only you, there are a numbers of students, or graduates, who are planning to get the same out of the GATE 2014.
Now all can not get the 99 percentile score, but it will be the only those who perform better than the other 99% of the appearing. What are the resources at the present moment?
(1) Time(everybody has the same 24 hours per day)
(2) Books
(3) Mind.
So these are three resources which everybody have right now, and only those will get into the top % who know how to use these three resources in a best way. The first resource i.e. time is same with everyone, and it is 24 hours in a day.

The difference arises in the use of these 24 hours by different people in different way. Now to get into the top 1% use your time you have with your books, by applying the mind in a right manner.
Become your self observer, and evaluate yourself. Ask your self if you are using these resources to your full potential? Keep asking until you get the honest answer "yes".

1.Time:  Time is equal for all. What is needed is a proper utilization of it. There is a need of a proper time table in which you have to give time for every essential activities along with the time for the preparation for the GATE exam. Preparing the time table is one thing and then following it regularly is the other part, which makes this resource fruitful for you.

2. Books: If the time is enough for the preparation, then you should read the text books in details, from chapter to chapter to get the deep understanding of the concepts. In the last days it is advised to revise your syllabus by performing some test on your self. For all this you need the books. Get the latest books, of the known publishers and read them.
Remember a proper,deep understanding is needed to crack the GATE. I am not going to refer any books here, all you have to do is, go to the nearby engineering  books shop, and then search for the book for yourself.

3. Mind: It is our mind which has to store all the knowledge and the data, and then to process it to give the right answers for the questions you have to face. So it is important to keep your mind alert.

I will suggest the following:
(1) Eat healthy food for your mind.(Search internet for the foods which affect the functioning of the mind.)

(2) Do the regular meditation or exercise to get the concentration.

So when your mind is okay, you can perform well with your preparation, which will give you the required result.  "A sound mind lives in a sound body".

I have bought a hand book prepared by this coaching institute named as Made-easy, established in Dellhi. It contains all the subject matter in short and can be helpful to you.

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